Drainage Cell

The Drainage Cell concept is to integrate urban development with nature, creating ecologically sustainable cities and communities. By combining air, water, flora and land to function in harmony with urban development, water and air can be filtered, cleaned and purified. The result is revolutionary Green Cities which function like natural ecosystems.

Drainage Cell is the most advanced underground geo-composite and offers high compressive strength, lightweight construction, ease of installation and low cost compared to traditional method.

Drainage Cell removes only excess water, keeping a perfect amount of moisture on perch.

Drainage Cell has excellent long term durability and is resistance to all ground chemicals.

Drainage Cell used in conjunction with Geotextile, functions as a protective membrane for waterproofing, providing ventilation for concrete slabs, which alleviates heat induced stress and cracking.

Various Applications :

  • Bio Filter for Noxious Gases or Contaminated Waters
  • Ecological Rubbish Dumps such as Worm Farming & Soil Remediation
  • Golf Course to Integrate Water Management
  • Railway Drainage
  • Ecological Channels
  • Ecological Roads
  • Horizontal Drainage such as Roof Gardens & Planter Boxes
  • Vertical Drainage for Retaining Walls
  • Ecological Underground Water Tanks
  • Sports Field System
  • Leach Drainage for Effluent Disposal

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