Company Profile

PT. Panca Tetrasa is one of the leading suppliers of Geosynthetic products and services.

Established since 1981 in Jakarta, PT. Panca Tetrasa provides solutions using appropriate Geosynthetic products in accordance with the needs and problems of ground improvement.

In the early years of establishment, PT. Panca Tetrasa directly involved in toll road project to airports of Soekarno - Hatta (Jl. Prof. Sedyatmo), Jakarta. Until now we have handled various projects with varying levels of difficulty.

In more than 20 years experience, we serve our clients best. With our ability based on our experience, we will continually serve, grow and ready to become the leader in the Geosynthetic Company.


To popularize the application and function of Geosynthetic amongst civil engineers and mostly earthworks structure consultant / engineers as well.


To protect all kinds of earthworks structure against failure and to improve the soil stability in high quality and timely services with competitive price.

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Jl. Musi No. 5,
Jakarta 10150 - Indonesian
Phone : (021) 381 0589, 384 2110, 384 2117, 385 1382
Fax. : (021) 381 4071
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