Vertical Drain

Vertical Drain is using for soil stabilization. Vertical Drain is applied in areas with compressible and water saturated soils such as clay and silty clays. These soils are characterized by a very weak soil skeleton and a large pore space, usually filled with water (porewater).

To expedite the consolidation process, it is necessary to shorten the flow path of porewater from the soil. This can be achieved by installing evenly spaced Vertical Drain to the depth of the compressible layer. The pressurized porewater flows in a horizontal directional towards the nearest drains and escapes freely.

With the aid of Vertical Drain the consolidation period can be significantly reduce and usually be achieved within the construction period. If a surcharge load is difficult to locate or place, a vacuum system may be used by drawing a vacuum beneath a geomembrane to stimulate the pressure normally created by pre-load.

Typical Applications :

  • Construction of Road, Railways, Airport & Dikes
  • Land Reclamation and Dredge Fill Projects
  • Harbour Construction
  • Urban and Industrial Sites
  • Preloading of Sites for Storage of Landfills, etc

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